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Max trust
Max Trust

Your account is hosted on Federal Bank

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Max Security

Which means bank-grade security and ISO and PCI compliant

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Max safety
Max Safety

Your money is insured up to ₹5,00,000 by DICGC


Bank in a flash

Create a bank account while making a playlist or posting a picture. That’s 100% digital and zero percent painful.

Actionable insights

Master your money

Get real-time spend breakdowns with Insights.

Put your savings on auto-pilot in Pots.

Watch your wealth grow on Networth.

Track your mutual funds with Portfolio Analyser.


Earn rewards in real-time

Instant rewards like nowhere else. Earn Jewels on your spends and redeem jewels to cash or gold!

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Get support, pronto!

Banking in a jiffy deserves support in a jiffy! From lost card panic to personalised spend insights, get speedy answers to all your 3 am questions.


Zero balance account with no hidden fees

Say 👋 goodbye to hidden fees and sneaky bank charges. No minimum balance. Withdraw from any ATM 💸 Transparency in fees

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