Modernizing banking
is an inside job

We're building India's first digital-only banking experience.
One that resides on your phone
Understands the needs of young Indians
And turns banking from a chore to an experience.

Two decades too long

In the 2000s, banking has become more accessible — but not simpler. To serve young Indians, financial institutions need to look beyond transactions and make banking more convenient, financial well-being easier and money management simpler.

Jupiter aims to to do just that: from helping you open an account in under 3 minutes, to crafting the smoothest and most advanced banking experience you've ever seen — or felt.

Technology x Design + Empathy

Modernizing banking is about asking the right questions everyday:
  • → What tools & technologies do we have at our disposal?
  • → How can design help us transform important processes and micro-interactions?
  • → And, how can financial institutions help young Indians achieve their goals?
The answers we've found allow us to come up with the most radical ideas & vision for a whole new type of banking experience.

A team you can bank on

The best team has people who love doing whatever they need to do.
That's the kind of team we're putting together at Jupiter — maverick coders, detail-obsessed designers, passionate marketers, and anyone else who can share our vision and bring great ideas to the table.

Across two of India's finest cities

When you're looking to combine technology and finance into an alchemical product that kicks ass and blows minds, what better places to do it in than:
The Financial Capital of India
The Silicon Valley of India