Salary Account

Make any Day Salary Day

Get On-Demand Salary, Health Cover,
Rewards on every spend*, & much more!

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powered by Federal Bank

The most rewarding Salary Account

On-Demand Salary

Turn any day into salary-day! Withdraw your Salary basis the number of days you’ve worked, any day of the month. No interest charged. No hidden charges

Health Insurance

With a health cover of ₹2 Lakh or extended cover of Rs. 20 Lakh and cashless coverage at 5000+ network hospitals, you don't have to worry about paying for medical expenses

Powered by Onsurity

(More) Rewards on your spends

Earn 5X Rewards on all Debit Card and select UPI spends*. Your Rewards never expire

Zero Forex Charges

What you see is what you pay! Skip the extra 3.5% charge onyour international Non-ATM transactions

Zero-Balance Account

No minimum balance
No maintenance charges
No hidden fees

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Compare Jupiter app features with your Salary Account

Salary Account on Jupiter

On demand salary
Health insurance
Yes, 2 Lakhs
Accidental insurance
Yes, 5 Lakhs
Debit card rewards
5x on all spends
UPI rewards
5x on select spends
Forex Fee

Your current
Salary account

On demand salary
Health insurance
Accidental insurance
Debit card rewards
Only on select spends
UPI rewards
Forex Fee

Get the Salary Account for
your team or for yourself

It keeps getting
better & better

Jupiter mobile app

Pots: an easy way to save for your goals

Whether you want the latest iPhone, or are planning a holiday, save for all your goals in Pots

Jupiter mobile app

One UPI. For all your bank accounts

Link all your bank accounts in an instant. Scan & Pay easily

Jupiter mobile app

Insights: a breakdown of your money

Have your incomes & spends auto-categorised and take control of your finances

Jupiter mobile app

Spacefire Debit Card

Freeze, Unfreeze and set spend limits from the Jupiter app with a tap

Jupiter mobile app

Lightning-fast Support

Prefer a human touch? Connect with a person in seconds, 24/7.

Jupiter mobile app

Max Trust

Your account is hosted on Federal Bank

Max Security

Which means bank-grade security and
ISO and PCI compliant

Max Safety

Your money is insured up to ₹5,00,000

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