Edge Federal Bank Credit Card - All Benefits

Below are the benefits detailed on the Edge- Federal Bank Card. Nothing contained herein shall prejudice or affect the clauses of the MITC. Unless otherwise specified, the words and expressions used herein shall have the same meaning as in the MITC and these  Terms. Bank and/or ANMPL may, to the maximum extent permitted by law and in its sole discretion, change, modify any of these Terms with prior notice of at least 30 (thirty days). The Cardholder would be deemed to have accepted these Terms in case they do not close the card within the aforementioned notice period.

  1. You will earn 2 Jewels on every ₹100 spent on eligible transactions (See the table below) with your Edge Federal Bank Credit Card. The minimum transaction amount is ₹100 and these rewards require no additional fee.
  2. After you select a switch category of your choice — either shopping, dining, or travel — you will earn 10 Jewels on every ₹100 spent on eligible transactions (See the FAQ  section under your selected switch category of your credit card on Your Jupiter app) with your Edge Federal Bank Credit Card. For e.g, if You select dining, You will earn 2% cashback as Jewels on every food order.
  3. You can earn maximum 15,000 Jewels, that is ₹3,000, in every billing cycle
  4. Redemption value of Jewels in cash is as per 5 Jewels = ₹1
  5. The merchants categorised as dining, shopping, or travel are solely dependent on the Merchant Category Code (MCC) provided by the Card Network
  6. Subject to your acceptance of terms and conditions of the digital gold, Jewels may be redeemed as digital gold on the Jupiter App or as Cash in your Federal Bank account.
  7. Earning and Redemption of Jewels earned for Edge- Federal Card is dependent on the payment of the Minimum Amount Due for your latest bill. If the minimum amount due is not paid, any Jewels earned in the cycle will be locked for redemption. Moreover, earning of Jewels will be paused till the time the minimum amount due is paid in full
  8. Jewels which have been credited or debited to or from your Edge- Federal Card account shall be reflected on the Jupiter app. You can also view the Jewels accumulated by you on the Jupiter app.
  9. AFTPL as authorised by the Bank reserves the right to wholly or partly modify the Edge- Federal Card Rewards Programme. The reward points, conversion rate, withdrawal of Jewels awarded may be modified from time to time.
  10. In case the Edge- Federal Card Rewards Programme comes in conflict with any rule, regulation or order or any statutory authority, then the rewards programme may be modified or canceled to give effect to said requirements.
  11. Jewels do not expire and have lifetime validity, except in circumstances detailed below:
    a. If the Edge- Federal Card is not used for more than 365 days, the accrued Jewels will be nullified.
    b. If the user doesn’t pay their outstanding dues for 90 days, any Jewels accrued will lapse.
    c. AFTPL as authorized by Bank reserves the right to cancel or suspend the accrued Jewels if the Edge- Federal Card account is in arrears, suspension or default or if the Edge Federal Credit Card account is or is reasonably suspected to be operated fraudulently.
    d. In case of Cardholder’s death, the Jewels earned but not redeemed at that time will be forfeited.
    e. If a transaction is reversed by way of a refund/chargeback/reimbursement, the transaction amount shall be credited back to your Edge- Federal Credit Card account. In such instances, the Jewels accrued on those transactions will be reduced from the overall Jewels balance.
    f. On closure/termination of Edge- Federal Cardholdership, any Jewels pending to be claimed in the Cardholder’s account will be forfeited.
    g. AFTPL as authorized by the Bank will not be held responsible if any supplier of products / services offered to you withdraws, cancels, alters or amends those products / services.
    h. AFTPL as authorized by the Bank makes no warranties for the quality of products / services provided by the merchant establishments participating in the Jupiter Edge- Federal Rewards Programme
    i. Jewels are not awarded for certain merchant categories classified under the following Merchant Category Code (“MCC”) as stipulated by the Bank’s network partners. This list is as follows-


MCC description


Digital Goods: Games


Pawn shops


Wrecking and salvage yards


Financial institutions manual cash disbursements


Financial institutions automated cash disbursements


Financial Institutions – Merchandise, Services, and Debt Repayment


Non-Financial Institutions – Foreign Currency, Non-Fiat Currency (for example: Cryptocurrency), Money Orders (Not Money Transfer), Account Funding (not Stored Value Load), Travelers Cheques, and Debt Repayment


Securities brokers and dealers


Non-Financial Institutions – Stored Value Card Purchase/Load


Betting, including lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off-track betting and wagers at race tracks


Political organizations


Religious Organisations


Court costs, including alimony and child support


Bail and bond payments


Government-Owned Lotteries


Government-Licensed On-Line Casinos (On-Line Gambling)


Government-Licensed Horse/Dog Racing




Money Transfer


Real Estate Agents and Managers


Fuel Dealers – Fuel Oil, Wood, Coal, and Liquefied Petroleum

The Bank can block earning of Jewels on any merchant if there is a reasonable suspicion of fraud.


You can avail 1 domestic lounge access every 3 months. The lounge
access will be rewarded basis the following terms & conditions -
1. On minimum eligible spends of  ₹90,000 in the last 3 months
2. Voucher for lounge access will be sent on the registered mobile number
and email id.
3. Voucher can be redeemed at any of the eligible domestic Dreamfolk lounges
4. Voucher will be valid for 3 months from the date of issuance