How do I close my account?

Have you already made up your mind?

Because it costs nothing to maintain your Federal Bank Savings Account through Jupiter — not a single rupee.

Also, you will be missing out on:

1. Digital Savings Account

2. Debit Card and rewards with it

3. 0 commission Mutual Funds

4. Access to No Penalty SIP for Mutual fund

5. Instant Loan offers

6. Fixed Deposits at 7.5% p.a. And many more cool features.

If you still want to close your account, ensure your app is updated to the latest version and request this on via in-app chat and our executives can help you with it.

How will my data deletion happen?

What is the policy for Data Deletion supported for Jupiter?

There are different kinds of users basis the onboarding state of the user on the Jupiter platform and products.

  1. If you have not availed any product from Jupiter and are in the onboarding steps of any of the products, you can request for the same and all your data and personal details shall be deleted from Jupiter. However, if you want to use Jupiter again you shall have to add all your details again
  2. If you have availed any 1 or more products on the Jupiter platform like Loans, Credit Cards or Savings accounts, for any data deletion you shall have to do the following:
    1. Close the product with Jupiter. For this you need to raise request via in-app chat with Jupiter support team
    2. Once all the steps are followed and the product association is closed with the Jupiter platform, you can then request for data deletion.
    3. In this data deletion step - all the relevant PII data shall be deleted from Jupiter system. However it shall be retained in non-accessible format for any future audits from regulators.