Explore your toolkit

Comes with a sleek Debit Card

Debit card

Save in Pots

An intelligent piggy bank

Auto-save for multiple goals and track progress in one place
Bid adieu to pesky fees and move money any time
Make a pinky promise. Meet your goals. Get rewarded

Spend wisely with Insights

A pulse check of your money moves

See quick and easy views of your money moves
Take control of your spends with smart categorisation
Stay on top of your spends with smart notifications
Insights screen

Earn remarkable Rewards

Earn upto 5X Rewards on your Spends

Track earnings in realtime
Redeem Jewels as cash straight into your account
Jewels don’t expire. Atleast not until the next big bang!
Rewards Screen

Get a Debit Card

Live the good life with a Debit Card

Earn Rewards on your Spends
Live stress-free with super secure card controls like 'Sleep' and 'Freeze'
Zero Forex Fee on international spends*
Debit Card