Facts about the mAadhaar App


Facts about the mAadhaar App

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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has launched a mobile application called mAadhaar in July 2017 and it is currently available for Android as well as iOS users.

It offers Aadhaar cardholders an interface that allows them to carry their demographic data on their smart devices. This makes it easy for them to access this information at any time from anywhere.

What is the mAadhaar app?

The UIDAI app allows you to store your demographic information and photograph on your phone and is accessible whenever required.

This eliminates the risk of losing or damaging your Aadhar card while on the go. You may use the mAadhaar app for identity checks at various times, such as traveling by train or flight.

mAadhaar compatibility

This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

You can install it on your smartphone from Google Play or App Store; however, you can only add the profile that is linked with the mobile number using the particular device.

If your mobile number is not registered with UIDAI or if the number being used on the smart device varies from the registered mobile number, you will be unable to use this app.

How to download and install the mAadhaar app on smartphones?

The mAadhaar app download can be done by following these steps:

  • Visit the Play Store or App Store and search for ‘mAadhaar’
  • Select the UIDAI app and click on the ‘Install’ tab to start the download
  • On successful download, open the app
  • The next page asks you to create a password before you can enter your Aadhar details on your device
  • Create the password, which is a four-digit number

Steps to add your profile in the mAadhaar app

After mAadhaar download, you will need to add your profile to use the app by following the below mentioned process:

  • Open the app and enter your password to login
  • Click on the three dots located at the top-right corner of the app
  • Choose the ‘Add Profile’ tab and enter your Aadhar number or scan QR code on your Aadhar card
  • Click on ‘Next’ and provide the necessary permissions to receive the one-time password (OTP) via an SMS
  • The app automatically feeds the OTP
  • Verify the details to create your mAadhaar card profile on your smart device

The process to delete your profile in the mAadhaar app

Here are the steps to delete your profile on the app.

  • Open the app on your smart device
  • Click on the drop-down menu on the top-right corner
  • Select ‘Delete Profile’
  • Enter the password for authentication; this step ensures you do not erroneously delete your profile
  • On successful authentication, your profile is immediately deleted

Procedure to lock and unlock biometrics in the mAadhaar app

To lock the biometrics, follow these steps:

  • Open the app and log in using the password
  • On your profile, click on ‘Biometric Settings’ from the menu located at the top-right corner
  • Select the ‘Enable Biometric Lock’ option
  • Click ‘OK’ on the disclaimer that says biometrics may still be used for the next six hours
  • You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number, which is automatically fed into the app
  • On entering the OTP, your biometrics will be instantly locked

For unlocking the biometrics, do the following.

  • On the top-right corner of the app, select ‘Biometric Settings’
  • You will see a message ‘Your biometrics will be temporarily unlocked’
  • Click ‘Yes’ to unlock the information for 10 minutes

To disable the biometric lock, you will have to visit the UIDAI official website.

What are the features of the mAadhaar app?

  • Locations of enrolment centers
  • Multilingual
  • Aadhar services via SMS
  • Dashboard
  • Share QR code
  • Check requests status
  • Update profile
  • Lock and unlock biometrics
  • Lock your Aadhar

Benefits of using the mAadhaar app

  • Eliminates the need to carry a physical Aadhar card
  • The mAadhaar app helps complete e-KYC (know-your-customer) requirements and share the details with various service providers
  • Enables quick sharing of data with other applications via barcodes, email, and QR code

Limitations of using the mAadhaar app

  • You cannot use fingerprint authentication to login into the app
  • There is no option to logout of the app

Important facts about the mAadhaar app

  • The app can be downloaded on devices compatible with Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and higher versions
  • You have to use the same number that is registered with the UIDAI
  • You cannot manually enter the OTP
  • Do not navigate on other apps while waiting for the OTP
  • The app can be used only on one smart device

What is TOTP in mAadhaar? How to use this feature?

If you are unable to receive the OTP via SMS due to network-related or other issues, UIDAI provides time-based OTP (TOTP), which is valid for 30 seconds only.

You will need an active Internet connection to receive the TOTP. Here is how you can use this feature.

  • Log in to the app using your password
  • Open your profile and select the ‘TOTP’ option from the lower section
  • A new screen with the TOTP appears, which is valid for 30 seconds; it changes once the time is over
  • You can find your name and Aadhar number below the TOTP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you download the mAadhaar App?

Based on your device, the app can be downloaded from Play Store or the App Store.

How to share the QR code?

Open your profile on the app, click on ‘Show QR Code’, and select the sharing option.

What happens if your mobile number is not registered?

The verification does not work if your number is not active or registered.

Does the mAadhaar app work offline?

No, you will need an active Internet connection to use the app.

Does the app work on rooted devices?

No, this app is not compatible with rooted devices.

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