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Empty pockets at the end of the month and unable to find the cause?

Our Chai Sutta Calculator will surely help you identify the expense!

Welcome to Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator - The only tool that talks about our biggest addiction and helps more innovative financial planning!

Why Chai Sutta Calculator?

It's for a simple reason - We know you, too, are losing your savings without even realizing it, so we are here to pull your attention.

But, Don't panic as it's a problem for many!

'I earn quite well, but where are all my funds? 'The question troubles us all at some or the other time. Yet, we ignore it and repeat the same things over and over again. We waste a lot of our hard-earned money on needless things like consuming fast food more often or subscribing to newspapers and magazines that we don't even heed. But thankfully, we are not alone as the universal problem is due to the 'Latte Factor.'  

What is the Latte Factor?

The Latte Factor is when you waste money regularly through small and insignificant expenses. These expenditures pile up over time and wipe off a lot of your reserves.

However, the worldwide phenomenon is seen in many ways. It is much more than just a Latte or a punch of caffeine. The Latte effect can be found in all the unnecessary periodic spending. Nevertheless, the Latte Factor does not focus on taking out the fun of your life; instead, it suggests some intelligent ways to get the same value but at fewer costs.

For example, when talking about tea and cigarettes, we all enjoy a cup of tea(chai) or our daily 'Chai ki Chuski' and sometimes a sutta(cigarette) to complement our per diem tea. Though Its daily expense does not seem much to many of us, the Latte Effect is shown here.

What if we tell you that you are spending a large sum of your income on just chai and sutta?

Yes, you are caught up here!

When you sum up these small expenses, you will be shocked to see the amount you spend daily for the same. The theory tells you that you are richer than you believe, and when you cut these unnecessary expenses, you will be able to accumulate a lot of your wealth. However, this doesn't mean that you should stop drinking tea; rather, you should find a way to avoid the expenditure, i.e., either you go for an electric kettle and curb the daily spending, or you can lessen the number of times you take a tea break. There are many more ways to cut the costs, but first, you need to calculate the Latte Effect and Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator is a perfect choice here.

Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator

Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator calculates your total spending on tea and cigarettes. The tool gives you the annual amount and the total percentage of your income that you spend on them. It asks for inputs like your monthly income, the number of cigarettes you have(if any), the number of cups of tea per day, and other unimportant expenditures to complement the daily ritual and their costs. Once you enter the correct inputs, the calculator will instantly estimate the total expenditure.

Working of Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator

Let us understand the working of Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator with the help of an example.

Suppose you drink 4 cups of tea daily on a wayside stall with 2 cigarettes. The tea costs Rs 12 per cup and a cigarette for Rs 15. Petty expenditures with chai and sutta are almost Rs 20 per day, and your monthly income is Rs 40,000. The Chai Sutta Calculator will show your annual chai sutta expense as Rs 35,770, which is almost your monthly pay.

Aren't the numbers blowing?

After all, who knew that these negligible expenditures had a massive physical and financial impact?

How does Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator help me?

The Chai Sutta Calculator by Jupiter gives you an idea of how much you spend daily on inessential items. The tool is just to open your eyes so you can plan your finances better and go for a personal spending discipline. Here are some tips you can use to inculcate the habit.

  • Keep track of your income and expenses. For this, you can maintain a notebook or an online sheet to record your daily expenditures and design a personal budget. This way, you can save a lot at the month's end.
  • Use Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator more frequently to keep track of your latte effect. Also, compare your outlay from time to time and boost up your savings.
  • You can also go for online payments that will record all your transactions and cut your expenses accordingly.
  • Prioritize your everyday expenditures and find a way to cut the gratuitous causes.

Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator will not make you rich but will help you save a whole lot of your money by estimating your unnecessary spending.

Get smarter with the online tool and begin your journey to financial stability today!


1. What is the Latte Factor?

The Latte Factor calculates the small unnecessary spending that leads to greater money wash.

2. How can I calculate the Latte effect?

You can use Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator to calculate the latte effect and curb unnecessary expenses.

3. How will Jupiter's Chai Sutta Calculator help me?

The online tool estimates unidentified spending and calculates your latte factor for tea and cigarettes.

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