Simple Interest and Compound Interest Calculator

It's easy to grow your wealth through multiple investments. But it's quite troublesome to calculate the interest rate accumulated on them.

So, ease your work and eliminate these lumpy calculations through Jupiter's Simple Interest Calculator!

Jupiter's Interest Calculator helps you instantly compute the estimated maturity value of your funds. However, the gains from investments are compiled through Simple and Compound Interest. Let's delve into the terms and get a clearer view.

What is Simple and Compound Interest?

Simple Interest

Simple Interest is the rate at which you borrow or lend money. When you repay the borrowed money, you pay an extra amount to the lender. The extra amount is the Interest, and the borrowed money is the principal amount.

Compound Interest

Compound Interest is when you experience a steady increase in your wealth as you earn Interest on the total investments, the aggregate principal amount, and the incurred Interest. In simple words, it is the Interest you earn on Interest.

The concepts are, however, easy to understand yet are a bit tricky in a practical sense. So, to lessen your burden and give instant results, we have the Simple and Compound Interest calculators.

All about Jupiter's Interest Calculators

Simple Interest Calculator

The Simple Interest Calculator is a tool that helps you compute the maturity value of your assets without compounding. The online tool has a formula box where you enter the required inputs, and it instantly produces the results.

Working of Simple Interest Calculator

The Simple Interest Calculator asks for information like the principal investment amount, rate of Interest, and investment tenure and generates the total expected amount. It uses the following formula to compute the overall gains:


Let's understand the working of Jupiter's Simple Interest Calculator with the help of an example. Suppose you invested Rs 20,000 at a 5% interest rate for 2 years. The Simple Interest Calculator will show the total Interest as Rs 2000 and the Maturity value as Rs 22,000.

Compound Interest Calculator

The Compound Interest Calculator computes the estimated returns with interest compounding. It asks for the compounding frequency and other essential information and swiftly calculates the Interest.

Working of Compound Interest Calculator

The Compound Interest Calculator uses the following formula to calculate the earnings:


For example - If you invest/borrow Rs 20,000 at a 10% interest rate for 5 years at a yearly compounding frequency. The interest calculator will show the total amount as Rs 32,210 and the Interest as Rs 12,210.

How to use Jupiter's Interest Calculator?

To use Jupiter's Simple and Compound Interest Calculator-

  • Enter the required inputs
  • Jupiter's Interest Calculator will instantly produce the results  

Why Jupiter's Interest Calculator?

Jupiter's Simple Interest Calculator and Compound Interest Calculator offer you many benefits. Have a look at some of them and witness their functioning.

Maturity Calculation

The Digi bank's Simple Interest Calculator and Compound Interest Calculator give an estimate of the maturity value of your assets. It calculates the gains on your investments.

Data Security

Jupiter also verifies data security. The inputs you enter in any interest calculator are safe and are not shared with any other source. Hence, you can trust the online bank and get the estimations.


The results offered by the Simple and Compound Interest Calculators are pretty reliable. However, the results may vary as many factors influence the final result.


Jupiter Simple Interest Calculator gives you real-time results in no time. It generates the results as soon as you enter the required inputs.

How does Jupiter's Interest calculator help me?

The difference between simple Interest and compound interest is easy to understand conceptually but is knotty. So, Jupiter's Interest Calculator helps you to get the actual units and plan your investments accordingly. It helps you get the yearly results as well. You can operate the tool as per suitability and go for rational financial planning.

Jupiter's Simple and Compound Interest Calculators estimate the Interest and gains on your investments. The tool is super easy and effective and provides you with results you can trust.

So, don't forget to quickly check the expected returns before investing your funds and be as dynamic as Jupiter!


1. How can a simple interest calculator help me?

The simple interest calculator helps you determine the Interest or gains on the principal amount.

2. How do I calculate simple Interest monthly?

To calculate the monthly Interest, divide the total Interest by 12, and the generated results will show the Interest per month.

3. How often can I access the simple and compound interest calculators?

You can use the calculator any number of times as it is a free tool and does not require frequent logins. You can change the values as and when you require.

4. Is my data secure with Jupiter's interest calculators?

Yes, Jupiter assures data security to all its users. It keeps all your information confidential and does not allow any other sources to tamper with it. You can fully trust Digi bank and perform your transactions.

5. How can I calculate the compound interest on my investments?

You can calculate compound interest through Jupiter's compound interest calculator. The online tool renders results that are pretty reliable and can be used to proceed with the investments.

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